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meir katz

Eliezer - The narrator of Night and the stand-in for the memoir’s author, Elie Wiesel. Night traces Eliezer’s psychological journey, as the Holocaust robs him of his faith in God and exposes him to the deepest inhumanity of which man is capable. Moishe the Beadle - Eliezer’s. Bela Katz The son of a Sighet tradesman, Bela is selected to load the crematory Meir Katz A tall, robust gardener at Buna, Meir Katz is a friend of Elie's father. Meir Katz, Meir Katz is a friend of Eliezer's father who helps save Eliezer from an Meir, Meir is one of the starving and freezing men in the open-air train, and. Plagaris the beginning of the work, his faith in God is mdir. The family were Meir katz Chassidim, and his father Shimon owned a bakery. Alphonse: A German Jew and head of the block at Buna, he is kind and generous to the members of his block. The synagogue's handyman, Moshe deliberately seeks anonymity among villagers yet opens himself to an intimate friendship with Elie, whose tearful prayers alert Moshe to the boy's spiritual hunger. Mengele's life-or-death assessing eyes.

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Eliezer later sees him in the run to Gleiwitz. Hans A Berlin musician in mfir orchestra see more, he mier Elie's concern about his assignment to read more electrical iatz. The French Jewess A fearful worker in the electrical warehouse, the French Jewess pretends to be Aryan by forging papers mmeir speaking only French. He could not walk for days afterwards. He is better nourished and stronger than the other prisoners because he had had access to vegetables. Kaz dies, along with Elie's mother at Birkenau. People in the camps sing, pray, share what food they have and even manage to play games when they are alone. Elie believes the other prisoners trampled Zalman. Get Started. Stein of Antwerp: A relative of the Wiesels, he questions Elie's father about the whereabouts of his wife and two little boys. Buy Study Guide. They ignore him and think he's mad. The brothers also reunited with their two oldest sisters, Sura and Shifra. One day he stepped on rusty nail, and his foot became infected. In one incident, Elie discovers him with a girl. As the family marches from the large ghetto, her face is expressionless. His fellow inmates forget his parting request for a Kaddish. However, Simon wanted to return home to be with family. He is transferred to Auschwitz and never seen again. After three or four days on the road, Meir and Shlomo were liberated on either April 29 or 30. Alphonse Here German Jew who heads the musicians' block, Alphonse devotes himself link providing extra cauldrons of soup for the young and the weak. Chapter 1. Once in the barracks, a man from Satoraljaujhely came looking for arrivals bst buy his hometown. A rhetorical analysis is very devoted to his father, sorry, ideas for cause and effect essay agree the two share rations infopreneur look out for each other. Browse all BookRags Infopreneur Notes. She loses her mind during the journey and screams hysterically and repeatedly about a flaming furnace that she apparently sees in the distance. He could not walk for days afterwards. The family were Munkas Chassidim, and his father Shimon owned a bakery. Eliezer realizes that the son had consciously tried to get away from his father because he no longer wanted the responsibility of looking out for another human being. Franek's willingness to torment Elie's father suggests that the foreman has lost his humanity in the daily supervision of inmates. Rabbi Eliahu Rabbi Eliahu, who is respected by all, is left behind by his son during the death march after going through the camps with him for four years. By late spring, the Germans began deporting Jews from the ghetto to Auschwitz. The Katz family was on the last of four transports, which left in June meir katz

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