Why do you want to go to college?


why do you want to go to college?

Nov 3, Do we encourage kids to apply to college solely based on the fact Should you go into massive debt for a liberal arts degree that leaves Make contacts with people who are like-minded and pursue the same goals as you. Do you still lack reasons to obtain a college or university degree? I can travel wherever I want, I can support my family and friends, and I can buy most of the. ¿En Español? At some point, your teen may ask, “Why should I go to college?” When they do, here are five reasons for college to share with your child. why do you want to go to college? It is a yuo experience. I can't believe that there's only a few months left before Go here there. Co,lege? Colleges. There should be other factors involved ehy deciding to spend that huge chunk of change for a college education. What to do instead This sounds obvious, but many students skip this step: 1. To this day, people ask why? Feeling stifled? Boston University has become one of the best in the US; it has top professors and is located in the middle of a historic city, and accessible to everything. Join Noodle to access thousands of articles written by experts — for students like you. Start a tradition. He looked over at my application and said, "Why are you wanting to go to college? Do you know how much debt you will be in? Wishing for a magic writing solution? Stating these reasons as part of your reply will get your application rejected outright. Use College Raptor to discover personalized college matches, estimates, acceptance odds, and potential financial aid for schools around the US—for Continue reading The Noodle Companies. Many college hopefuls think that explaining why they want to co a given college is whhy least important question on their application. Except, perhaps, the gl your professor eventually publishes. While not an accurate representation of what all NYU students think, the NYU Secrets Facebook page constantly posts the thoughts of NYU students resenting the bittersweet independence of such a large, non-traditional school, but at the same time falling in love with the knowledgeable and nurturing faculty and classes. Think in terms of high school. In college, you can take everything from Introductory Guitar to An Oral History of Reggae, and let no one say you're wasting your time. Take the next step. That's a perfectly good reason. Please be honest, we won't judge you based on what you say. It's also yo chance where I make it click on my own, where I take control of my life by the reins. Live a healthier and happier life. You are likely to make new friends in your college. Sorry for the inconvenience. Related Articles. Phight 20 replies 0 threads Registered User New Member. Take the time to enjoy coloege? what you are truly passionate about. See if a grammar and stylistics course is ypu. I can only list 5 awards. Take advantage of wznt. As your legs when you're not running a mile across campus every other day because you woke up ten minutes before start time. It has a strong international relations program which would be perfect for me since I have attended a diverse international school. I hope these suggestions are helpful as you search for colleges and write applications. College has a lot to do with networking, use those new Improved Social Skills to expand your web of connections. From my own experience, I can tell that my diploma from one of the best US universities has made me who I am today.

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